3D Modeling and Game Engines

Resources for a variety of 3D modeling programs and game engines that allow users to create three-dimensional objects.

Audio Documentary

For this project, students will create an audio documentary that weaves together a range of sonic elements (oral interviews, voiceover commentary, field recordings, music, etc.) to tell an original nonfiction narrative.

Audio Essay

This assignment invites students to undertake their own experiments in audio storytelling by recording, reflecting upon, and remixing a conversation with another individual who has shared a common experience.

Audio Literacy Narrative

Using the open-source editing software, Audacity, students will create an audio literacy narrative that details the evolving connection they have with a personal literacy practice.

Documentary Photo Essay

An assignment where students take and arrange photographs in connection to a theme of their choice.

Graphic Adaptation

Working with a short story of their choice, students are challenged to re-imagine this text as a sequence of 12 to 16 comic panels that express the complexities of the story's plot, theme, characters, and mood in a condensed visual form.

I HATE That Song: An Inquiry into Personal Taste

Students will experiment with what Carl Wilson calls a “sympathetic hearing,” meaning they will listen to a song that they despise with open ears and an open mind. They will then while then compose a podcast documenting their experiences.

Pixton Comics Assignment

Using a web-based comic-creating platform called Pixton, students will compose their own short comics that offer a creative take on a central course theme.

Radio Drama Adaptation

An assignment where students write, record, and edit a short audio story comprised of dialogue, music, and sound effects.

Response Paper Using

Students will use the web-based platform Storify to synthesize multiple social media platforms in order to further investigate the underlying concepts of a course reading.