Digital Media Lab Locations

Logistical information about DMAP classroom and DMAP studio

DMAP Classroom

The Digital Media Lab Classroom is located in CL 435. Several courses are held in the space each semester, and it can be used as a limited after-hours workspace by undergraduate students (see hours below).

The space can also be reserved for a classroom session. Contact the English Department main office to inquire about availability, or email if you would like information on having someone provide instructional support.

The space currently has 20 recently updated iMacs with the latest Adobe CC package and several addition applications, including but not limited to Audacity, SketchUp, GarageBand, and Gephi.

DMAP Studio

The Digital Media Studio is located in CL 462. The Studio is a smaller after-hours workspace for undergraduate students (see hours below). The Studio currently has six iMacs and three Windows workstations, all of which include the same software as the workstations in the Digital Media Lab Classroom.