About This Website

General Information

The Digital Media Lab at Pitt is the name of both a physical space and the English Department’s digital media and pedagogy initiative, with ties to the larger arena of digital humanities at Pitt. The DML’s mission is to support the department’s faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates experiment, connect, and collaborate with digital tools and methods. Experimentation might include developing a prototype for a new digital resource, pioneering a new digitally-centered teaching technique, or adapting an existing technology in a nontraditional way. The DML will focus on connection by helping faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates come into contact with existing institutions that can support digital research and pedagogy, including online resources, infrastructure, equipment, and people with appropriate expertise. Finally, the DML will help foster collaboration by supporting a range of potential partnerships with University of Pittsburgh faculty from other departments, representatives of the library’s digital scholarship service unit, partners affiliated with other higher education institutions, and even agencies and individuals outside of academia.

This website is maintained by the University of Pittsburgh English Department's Digital Media Lab. The DML is both a physical space and a more general digital media and pedagogy initiative that aims to foster alliances with the larger arena of digital humanities at the University of Pittsburgh. The Digital Media and Pedagogy website also represents an effort to collect, curate, and disseminate resources on the production and teaching of digital media.