Digital Media and Digital Humanities Courses at Pitt

Undergraduate Composition Courses

ENGCMP 0200: Seminar in Composition

This introductory course offers students opportunities to improve as writers by developing their understanding of how they and others use writing to interpret and share experiences, affect behavior, and position themselves in the world.

ENGCMP 0420: Writing for the Public

The course will explore the ethics of writing for the public, the impact of rhetorical contexts on writing, and how writing and revision can allow you to understand a public problem or issue in a new way.

ENGCMP/HAA 0425: Digital Humanity

This course prepares students to critically examine the intersections between digital devices and human life by exploring the relationship between computers and humans, surveillance, big data, and interactivity and games.

ENGCMP 0610: Composing Digital Media

This course requires students to compose digital media while exploring the rhetorical, poetic, and political implications of multiple writing platforms.

Undergraduate Film Courses

ENGFLM 0355: Visual Literacy

This course will emphasize the process of critically viewing specific media artifacts and provide tools to students that will allow them to comprehend and evaluate information presented by a variety of forms of visual media.

ENGFLM 0570: Introduction to New Media

This course will provide an introduction to a critical approach to new media, including television, computers, digital image production, video games, and web-based platforms.

Undergraduate Literature Courses

ENGLIT 0354: Words and Images

This interdisciplinary course explores the relationships between language and the diverse kinds of images that often accompany it (film, video, photography, book illustration, painting, etc.).

ENGLIT 0399: Narrative and Technology

This course explores the ways in which new technologies impact how we engage with stories by examining the relationship between traditional literary forms and contemporary media, such as hypertext, web logs, fan fiction, video games, comics, and interactive fiction.

ENGLIT 1412: Secret Pittsburgh

This course is inspired by the Secret [city name here] series of travel books that pride themselves on being “local guides by local people.” As such, the class offers you the chance to embrace the viewpoint of these books by striving to “look more closely at the urban landscape and to see your own city with the curiosity and attention that we often display while traveling elsewhere.”

Graduate Courses