Wiki Assignment (Seminar in Composition: Film)


Kathleen Murray
Seminar in Composition: Film
Fall 2012
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Our discussion of Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy, 2010) has suggested further lines of inquiry, including: documentaries, hoaxes, Banksy, Street Art in general.

Your groups will create pages under these subheadings in addition to articulating how your topic relates to the film for the main page. Each sub page will have 10 references (you may of course use more; 10 is the minimum). Two of these references will be scholarly, two popular and the rest can be any mixture you like. Be sure that all of your references are documented. You should have at least 5 links to outside sources. I highly recommend adding images and clips to your pages. This is a group project, so collaborate. Remember though, only one person can comment on the wiki at a time. Because of this, I will make each group a separate wiki. And when we are finished I will combine them into one. The main wiki will be available to you all (the part that shows how your individual topic relates to the film). Please be respectful of the other folks in the class and limit your editing time. If you have troubles with it, please let me know.

Assessment Rubric PDF



I had students working in small groups build wikis around different questions that the film we were studying Exit Through the Gift Shop gave rise to. The project was linked to a library visit and learning how to find and source materials in the University of Pittsburgh Library system, which they then had some working knowledge of when they began thinking about their final papers. We shared the results during class and the results were satisfying and intriguing. I also had the students evaluate each other’s wikis using a rubric I provided because a wiki only has as much value as it is useful. While, they did not collaborate as much as I had hoped (when I use this tool again, I will make it a more cumulative and longer term project), the final wikis were well developed.