Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship Grants - Call for Proposals

The Digital Media Lab (DMAP) seeks to develop capacity among faculty and graduate students in digital research and pedagogy, and to foster collaborative digital projects in and beyond the department. In recognition of the fact that these goals may require substantive time commitments, effort, and expenditures on the part of our department members, we are pleased to announce the Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy Grant program. These monetary awards can be directed to numerous expenditures related to digital scholarship and pedagogy.

Eligibility: Full-time, tenure stream and non-tenure stream faculty may apply for these funds. Several categories of funding also apply to graduate students in the department.

Deadline: The Fall 2019 deadline for proposals is Tuesday, December 3, 2019

How to Apply: Applying for a grant requires a proposal of approximately 500-750 words in length. This proposal should provide a detailed description of how you will spend the requested money and defend the merit of the purchase.

To submit an application, visit

There are four categories of potential funding at this time:

  1. Funding to Help Support a Guest Speaker
  2. One-time Expenses Related to a Relevant Professional Development or Training Opportunity
  3. Startup Costs for a Pilot Program or a Digital Project
  4. Digital Expenditure or Discretionary Allocation Fulfilling a Programmatic or Departmental Need

Award amounts differ by category, but the range is generally $250 to $1,000.

Note that some of these categories encourage or require supplemental materials. For more information about additional requirements, funding restrictions, and how proposals will be evaluated, visit

(Please do not submit a proposal before you have reviewed the guidelines page.)